answers the question:

“Who Am I”

Identity is how we understand ourselves. People proclaim their identity all over the place: in their resumes, on their Twitter bios, on their dating profiles, on their Facebook walls, on the slogans of their t-shirts... My favorite display of identity has always been those in the newspaper personals. Before internet dating people would pursue lovers in the newspaper! They would be given a tiny space, enough for a few words, to express “who am I.">


You see in places like this exactly what the world offers us in terms of identity. I could be a vegetarian, lover of the outdoors, lawyer, or maybe a republican lover of cats. A wide variety of definitions are offered to us, and there is nothing wrong with ANY of them. But life in the Kingdom of God offers SO much more!

When a person enters into covenant with God they undergo a transformation of their identity (in a similar way that a person getting married does). As shown in the video above, “who we are in Christ” is FAR more profound, meaningful, and inspiring than anything that our world (without God) can offer.

Understanding who we are in Christ should empower us to live with deep security. It should liberate us from the futile self-assessment games that enslave so many of us (always calculating whether or not we are “good enough”). It should motivate us to be ambassadors for Christ, bringing others into the “good news” of God’s emerging and inevitable kingdom.


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